Can HRA Be Claimed By Husband And Wife?

Is HRA mandatory?

No, HRA is paid towards rent only.

If the annual rent exceeds Rs 1,00,000 per annum, it is compulsory for the employee to obtain the PAN card from the landlord.

The PAN card is furnished as a proof when one submits the HRA claim..

How do I claim HRA when living with spouse?

A taxpayer is entitled to claim the HRA exemption for rent paid to his or her spouse provided there is documentation to prove that the arrangement is genuine. Neither the Income-Tax Act, 1961 nor the Income-Tax Rules, 1962, prohibit claiming HRA exemption on the rent paid to one’s spouse.

Can you claim HRA and home loan both in same city?

Yes, you can claim income tax exemption on both house rent allowance (HRA) and repayment of home loan. If you are living in a house on rent and servicing home loan on another property – even if both the properties are located in the same city – you can claim tax benefit for both.

Do I need to submit any proof for my HRA claim?

To claim House Rent Allowance (HRA), you are asked to submit important documents like rent receipts, rent agreement to your employer before the end of the financial year. If the amount of rent exceeds Rs 1 lakh/annum, the PAN No of the landlord is also required.

How much HRA can we claim?

An IllustrationConditionTax Exemption1Rs 60, 000 (@Rs 5000 Per Month, according to the HRA exemption 2016-17 rules, earlier the limit was Rs 2, 000)2Rent paid i.e. 1.5 Lakhs – 10% of the total annual income, i.e. Rs 40, 000= Rs 1, 10, 000325% of the total income= Rs 1 LakhNov 18, 2020

Who can claim HRA?

Salaried individuals, who live in rented houses, can claim the House Rent Allowance (HRA) to lower their taxes – partially or wholly. The allowance is for expenses related to rented accommodation. If you don’t live in rented accommodation, this allowance is fully taxable.

Who is not eligible for HRA?

Only a self-employed person or a salaried person who has not received HRA at any time during the year is eligible for this deduction. 3. The individual, his/her spouse or minor child should not own a property in the city he lives in.

Is HRA tax free?

Although it is a part of your salary, HRA, unlike basic salary, is not fully taxable. Subject to certain conditions, a part of HRA is exempted under Section 10 (13A) of the Income-tax Act, 1961. The amount of HRA exemption is deductible from the total income before arriving at a taxable income.

Can we claim interest on housing loan and HRA?

Salaried individuals are often found asking, “Can HRA and home loan be claimed together?” The answer to this age-old query is “Yes” you can, in certain situations. HRA is claimed under section 10(13A), whereas principal repayment and interest paid on the home loan can be claimed under 80C and 24 (b), respectively.

Can claim HRA if own house?

Yes, you can claim the HRA deduction and the tax benefit on a home loan even when you are living in the same city in which your home is. This can happen under two conditions; either your house is under construction, or you are living in a rented house and have rented your own house.

Can we claim HRA if we own a house?

Since you are residing in your own house, you will not be able to claim HRA. However, you will be able to claim tax benefits on both, the principal and interest repaid on the home loan.

What happens if HRA is not claimed?

‘If you do not provide PAN of your landlord then, you cannot claim tax exemption for HRA from your employer while withholding TDS on salary. … If that happens, tax exemption will be calculated only on the basis of rent receipt furnished by employee mentioning the amount paid.

Can HRA and home loan interest be claimed?

Homeowners, who are paying back their home loan and getting HRA as part of their salary, can avail both the house property-related tax benefits to lower their taxable income. … HRA exemption towards rent payment. Deduction on home loan interest as per Section 24. Principal Repayment under Section 80C.

Can HRA exemption be claimed for two houses?

Yes, you can claim income tax exemptions on both, HRA on a rented house you are currently living in as well as servicing a home loan on another property as long as you have deeds, possession and other necessary documents. On repayment of a home loan you can claim tax benefits on principal and interest payments.

How is HRA calculated?

How is Exemption on HRA calculated ?Actual HRA received from employer.For those living in metro cities: 50% of (Basic salary + Dearness allowance) For those living in non-metro cities: 40% of (Basic salary + Dearness allowance)Actual rent paid minus 10% of (Basic salary + Dearness allowance)

Can I claim HRA for rent paid for parents?

Rental income is taxable for parents – Rent paid by you to your parents shall be taxable for them. … Save tax as a family – By submitting rent receipts and paying it, you will be able to claim exemption on HRA. Your parents can deduct property taxes and also claim 30% standard deduction on the rental income.