How Do I Send An Email On Behalf Of A Shared Mailbox?

What does sent on behalf of mean?

1 : as a representative of someone The teacher accepted the award on behalf of the whole class.

2 or US in behalf of someone or in someone’s behalf : for the benefit of someone : in support of someone She spoke in behalf of the other candidate.

They’re willing to do anything on their child’s behalf..

How do I send an email on behalf of someone in Outlook 2016?

Send Email on Behalf of Someone in Outlook 2016 and Office 365In the Message Window, click on the “Options” tab.Click “From”A box will appear over the “To” button. Drop that down and select “Other E-mail Address”Enter the email address you want to send “On Behalf” of.Again, you’ll have to have enabled this through the Office 365 portal explained in the previous link.

How do I send on behalf of a shared mailbox?

In order to send on behalf of the shared mailbox, you must specify the shared mailbox email address in the From field. To add the From field to your email message, left click Options. Under Options, in the Show Fields area, left click From.

How do I send an email on behalf of a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Send mail from the shared mailboxOpen Outlook.Choose New Email.If you don’t see the From field at the top of your message, choose Options > From.Click From in the message, and change to the shared email address. … Choose OK.Finish typing your message and then choose Send.

Can you have both Send As and Send on Behalf?

Edit: You unfortunately can’t do either/or, because “Send As” supersedes “Send on Behalf of”. You can only do 1 at a time. If you give both, Send As takes precedence. It will appear as a Send on behalf of.

What does on behalf of email mean?

With Send on Behalf permissions, a user may send emails that are marked as, “on behalf of” another user. This is not the same as Send As permissions, which allow emails to be sent as if they actually came from another user.

How do you send an email on behalf of a group?

Allow members to send email on behalf of a groupIn the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Groups.Select Edit. … Select group delegation.In the Send on Behalf section, select the + sign to add the users that you want to send as the Group.Type to search or pick a user from the list.

What is the difference between a user mailbox and a shared mailbox?

What are shared mailboxes? A shared mailbox is a type of user mailbox that doesn’t have its own username and password. As a result, users can’t log into them directly. To access a shared mailbox, users must first be granted Send As or Full Access permissions to the mailbox.

What’s the difference between Send As and Send on Behalf?

When mail is sent “on behalf of”, the recipient will see both the primary person’s mailbox name as well as the delegate’s name in the “From” line. Delegation is setup in Outlook by the mailbox owner. To “send as” another person or mailbox requires permissions on the mailbox set by an Exchange administrator.