Question: Does Apple Engraving Take Longer?

Why hasn’t Apple charged my card yet?

As Apple prepares your items, authorised funds will be unavailable and your card will only be charged after your order has shipped.

If your order contains multiple items and they ship at different times, you may see multiple charges on your credit card statement..

Why are Apple products taking so long to ship?

If it is not in stock then it will take as long as it takes—there are associated delays because of the COVID19. If you ordered over the phone—in conversation they can tell you availability, if available the default is shipped “next-day express” for stock items. That is basically a overnight deliver window at no charge.

Can I engrave my AirPods after buying them?

Unfortunately, you can only get them engraved before purchase.

What should I engrave on my boyfriends AirPods?


Are Apple delivery dates accurate 2020?

I have always found that the shipping dates are very accurate. … When completed, it will be put on pallet with hundreds of others for your county and shipped by air for expedited delivery through local carriers. There is no “slack” that can be “taken up” by applying any process whatsoever.

Does engraving devalue iPad?

It follows that personalised engraving makes the iPad much less attractive to potential purchasers. Consider also that if you are using a good quality wrap-around case, as is usually recommended to protect your expensive iPad from damage and “mishaps”, any engraving is likely to be hidden from view.

Can you get free engraving at the Apple Store?

Apple Engraving Add a special message to your Apple Pencil (2nd generation), iPad, and iPod touch with free engraving. And with all-new options available for AirPods, you can engrave a mix of emoji, text, and numbers.

Is Apple engraving worth it?

Engraving will lower resale value (especially if its name engraved) although the metal backs of iPod can be purchased on eBay i believe. Just pop off your old back, and place on a new one. Come to think of it, if the metal back is scratched, then get a new one to make it all new again.

Will Apple engraving after purchase?

No. Apple will only engrave iPods purchased from them and only then at the time of purchase. … Just announced at MacWorld Boston…a new company is laser-etching Apple products, including the iPod Mini. Check out:

Is engraving AirPods worth it?

—and I would recommend not getting your AirPods Pro engraved in any way. Engraved or “personalized” items aren’t eligible for exchanges, per Apple’s policy, and I wouldn’t want to risk it by having Apple carve your name into your preordered wireless charging case.

Do Apple orders ever come early?

Sales of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro commenced on October 16, with the sheer quantity of orders pushing estimated delivery dates back for late buyers into November. … While iPhone orders are unlikely to arrive before Apple’s street date, customers who also ordered accessories have started to receive their purchases.

How much does Apple charge for engraving?

3 Answers from the Community. No, it’s free, but it does mean, if you have it shipped, it’ll take a few days for the shipping to even start, so you’ll be without them for longer. No, its totally free !

How do I get my Apple products engraved?

Engraving is available only when you order through the online Apple Store. Otherwise, you’ll need to take the iPad to an engraving shop. Think carefully before you have an iPad engraved.

How long does it take for Apple to engrave AirPods?

Apple site will tell you when you order. I believe adds 1-2 weeks. This is a user to user forum, so if you’re hoping Apple will answer, they’re not here. From experience, they are usually quite fast with this.

Does engraving AirPods take longer to ship?

macrumors 6502 Cool. Basically in your case only 1 day more for the engraving.