Question: What Are Non Payable Fines In Dubai?

How do I pay non payable fines from Sharjah?

According to police, motorists can pay their traffic fines either through the police website and use their credit card, or they can pay in person at the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department located in Wasit area..

How do I pay police fines in Dubai?

Traffic Fines Payment+971 4 609 9999 or +971 4 269 2222.+971 4 269 2222.Email. – Dubai,United Arab Emirates.901.Al Nahda Rd, Al Twar 1 – Dubai Directions.

How can I check my fine in Dubai?

To check fines in Dubai online against your registered vehicle you will have to visit the RTA website. You can get the details regarding the fine by using: Plate Details. License Number.

Can I renew my car without paying fines in Dubai?

Under a new traffic fine discount initiative introduced by Dubai Police on 6th February 2019, drivers can now renew their car registration without even paying their outstanding traffic fines. … The motorist can simply go to the registration center & they can decide whether or not to pay fines immediately.

Can we pay Sharjah traffic fines online?

Online Payment for Sharjah Municipality Vehicle Violation.

Is there any discount on traffic fines in Dubai 2020?

In February 2020, Dubai Police extended the initiative, offering discounts of up to 100 per cent on accumulated traffic fines provided to drivers who did not commit any fresh traffic violation.

How can I pay my police fine online Dubai?

Visit the Dubai Police website and click on “Traffic Services.” Next click on “Fine Payment.” Fill in your details and proceed. The official Dubai Police app has two new modes viz. Drive Mode and Police Station Mode. The app is your window to Dubai Police’s smart services.

How can I get cheap Police fine in Dubai?

You can pay your discounted traffic fines by paying it online at or through Dubai police app. Go to Pay traffic fines service, enter the car’s details and you will see the fines discounted and then click pay.

How can I check my traffic fines in Abu Dhabi online?

The easiest way to review Abu Dhabi fines online is via the Abu Dhabi Police’s official website. They have a dedicated e-service that you can access to view your fines – named Traffic Fines Inquiry. This page can be accessed by selecting the Traffic Fines Inquiry option under the Public Services tab on the home page.

How do I know my fine in Sharjah?

For other traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, log onto the Sharjah Police Headquarters website, and click on the traffic fines link. Alternatively, you can also check this service at the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA).

How can I check my overstay visa fine in Dubai?

To check overstay fine in UAE for visit visa or residence visa, you would like to go to ICA official website through below link. Step 1: To begin, click here or visit, once clicked you’ll be redirected to home page, now search for Public services tab.

How can I check my traffic fines in UAE?

How to check and pay traffic fines in the UAEDocuments needed to check fines online. Required information. … Abu Dhabi and northern Emirates fines. Check and pay your fines here: Ministry of Interior website.Dubai fines. Check and pay your fines here: RTA website.Traffic Department locations.

How do I pay non payable fines in Abu Dhabi?

Anyone can enquire about and pay for traffic violations using the traffic ID, car plate number, or license number online. Just visit Abu Dhabi Police website or Abu Dhabi e-government portal. You can proceed with online payment unless you are instructed to visit the traffic and licensing department.

Can I pay Abu Dhabi traffic fines online?

You can pay traffic fines online in Abu Dhabi via the Emirates Vehicle Gate website. … On the Home tab, click pay traffic fines and search for any outstanding fines. You can search by traffic code number, vehicle plate number or license number.

How do I pay my Hafilat fine?

HAFILAT – Online Services. To pay your fine, please enter the fine barcode printed at the bottom of the receipt in below field. In case you have received fine receipt without barcode (in case of blocked card), for fine payment you may proceed to machines available in bus stops / bus station counter.

How do I pay my fine online Dubai?

Fines can be paid through the Dubai Police website:….Inquiry and Payment Free Number: 800 7777.Kiosk in all shopping malls.Subscribe to SMS 4488.ATM and Cash deposit machines (Emirates Bank)Dial *123# on your mobile (using Etisalat line)

Where can I pay my traffic fines?

This Is Where You Can Pay Your Traffic Fine OfflinePick n Pay.South African Post Office (SAPO) – Hand over original fine and pay cashier.ABSA – Hand over original fine and pay cashier or ATMs.Shoprite Checkers.Engen Quickshops.Some Woolworths Stores.Lewis.Spar.More items…•

How can I check my fine in Sharjah?

To check traffic fines in Sharjah, you can visit their official website, and click on the e-services tab. Under the traffic services heading, you should click on traffic fines. This will open a new tab and you’ll be directed to the Abu Dhabi Police Portal.