Question: What Is A Meaning Of The Word Scrawl?

What does sprawled out mean?

To lie or recline with one’s arms and legs spread out awkwardly or lazily.

Could you not sprawl out like that—you’re taking up half the sofa.

The kids have been sprawled out in front of the television all morning.


To be spread or scattered around, especially in a disorganized or haphazard manner..

What is another word for scribble?

Similar words for scribble: cacography (noun) dash off (noun) handwriting (noun) nonsense (noun)

What’s another word for handwriting?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for handwriting, like: penmanship, hand, scrawl, calligraphy, script, longhand, chirography, scribble, manuscript, style of penmanship and autography.

What is another word for writing?

What is another word for writing?scriptcalligraphyhandwritingscrawlscribblechirographyhandinscriptionpenmanshipprint28 more rows

What is the root word of determine?

Etymology. From Middle English determinen, from Old French determiner, French déterminer, from Latin determināre (“to bound, limit, prescribe, fix, determine”), from de + termināre (“to limit”), from terminus (“bound, limit, end”).

What is the synonym of scrawl?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for scrawl, like: scribbling, chicken tracks, barbouillage (French), scribble, scratch, doodle, handwriting, write, scabble, squiggle and cacography.

What is a meaning of the word determine?

to settle or decide (a dispute, question, etc.) by an authoritative or conclusive decision. to conclude or ascertain, as after reasoning, observation, etc. Geometry. to fix the position of. to cause, affect, or control; fix or decide causally: Demand for a product usually determines supply.

What type of word is determined?

adjective. resolute; staunch: the determined defenders of the Alamo. decided; settled; resolved. Grammar.

How do you use the word determine?

Determine sentence examplesShe couldn’t determine if she’d won this round or not. … She would determine which case had the best chance of success. … Computers can determine when to plant seed and even what to plant. … I can determine that. … Lana looked up at the bridge, trying to determine which way it was to shore.More items…

What do sprawled mean?

verb (used without object) to sit or lie in a relaxed position with the limbs spread out carelessly or ungracefully: He sprawled across the bed. to spread out, extend, or be distributed in a straggling or irregular manner, as vines, buildings, handwriting, etc.

What does droning mean?

1a : to make a sustained deep murmuring, humming, or buzzing sound droning bees The air conditioner droned. b : to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone droning on and on about his health. 2 : to pass, proceed, or act in a dull, drowsy, or indifferent manner The afternoon droned on. transitive verb.