Question: What Is Digambaras And Svetambaras?

How are the Digambaras different from the Svetambaras?

It is worthwhile to see what the exact differences between the Digambara and Svetambara sects of Jainism are.

Literally, the monks of the Digambaras are naked while those of the Svetambaras wear white clothes.

However, there are some major as well as minor points on which the two sects are opposed to each other..

What is Shwetambar Jain?

Śvētāmbara means “white-clad”, and refers to its ascetics’ practice of wearing white clothes, which sets it apart from the Digambara “sky-clad” Jains, whose ascetic practitioners go naked. Śvētāmbaras, unlike Digambaras, do not believe that ascetics must practice nudity.

Who wrote Bhadrabahu Charita?

RatnanandiA third inscription of the year 1432 speaks of Yatindra Bhadrabahu, and his disciple Chandragupta, the fame of whose penance spread into other words. Bhadrabahu-charitra was written by Ratnanandi of about 1450 CE.

Is Jain a OBC?

No, jain are not OBC. They are considered minority.

How many types of Jain are there?

Jains are divided into two major sects; the Digambara (meaning sky clad) sect and the Svetambara (meaning white clad) sect. Each of these sects is also divided into subgroups. The two sects agree on the basics of Jainism, but disagree on: details of the life of Mahavira.

What are the two sects of Jainism What is the main difference between them?

What is the difference between Svetambara and Digambara in Jainism? There are two main sects in Jainism – Svetambara and Digambara. Both agree on the fundamental Jain principles and the five vows in Jainism. However, both have different views when it comes to scriptures, liberation, dress, the birth of Mahavira etc.

Why is Jainism divided into two sects?

The division occurred mainly due to famine in Magadha which compelled a group led by Bhadrabahu to move South India. … After the end of famine, when the Southern group came back to Magadha, the changed practices led to the division of Jainism into two sects. Digambara. Monks of this sect believe in complete nudity.

Why do Digambaras not wear clothes?

Because they are allowed no possessions whatsoever they live without clothes and go “skyclad”, which means naked. (Digambara nuns wear simple white clothes.) Their nakedness is also a statement that they are beyond feelings such as modesty and shame.

Who was the leader of Digambaras?

Bhadrabahu IBhadrabahu I, (died 298 bce, India), Jain religious leader and monk often associated with one of Jainism’s two principal sects, the Digambara.

Who was the leader of Svetambaras?

SthulabhadraSthulabhadra (297-198 BCE) was the founder of Svetambara Jain order during a 12-year famine in Maurya empire in third or fourth-century BC.

Who are the founders of Jainism?

Jainism is somewhat similar to Buddhism, of which it was an important rival in India. It was founded by Vardhamana Jnatiputra or Nataputta Mahavira (599-527 BC), called Jina (Spiritual Conqueror), a contemporary of Buddha.