Question: What Will Disqualify You From Getting A CDL?

Is getting your CDL license hard?

Getting a CDL is somewhat challenging — everything new and worthwhile is — but truck driving school training, CDL test resources and a growing industry need make it more driver-friendly than ever..

What disqualifies you from being a truck driver?

According to All Trucking, not all felonies are grounds to disqualify a driver from getting a CDL. But, there are offenses which do not allow a driver to get one, including those above mentioned and other felonies such as arson, bribery, extortion, smuggling, treason, kidnapping, and others as provided by law.

Can you be a truck driver with a bad driving record?

Clean Criminal Record If your license is suspended for driving violations or other criminal activity, you will not be able to receive your CDL. Even if your criminal history doesn’t prevent you from obtaining your CDL, you may still have trouble getting hired by trucking companies.

What does disqualified CDL mean?

Any driver convicted of using either a CMV or a non-CMV in the commission of a felony involving manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing of a controlled substance will be permanently disqualified from operating a CMV for life, with no chance of being reinstated.

Can you get a CDL before a regular license?

In some states, you need to hold the regular DL for at least a year (sometimes two years) before applying for a commercial driver’s license. … Also, if you have any active DL suspensions or revocations, you won’t be allowed to obtain a CDL, even if it was suspended in another state.

Is truck driving hard to learn?

Truck driving school is hard and its meant to be that way. Do not go into this career thinking it’s going to be easy. Whether you’ve been driving a truck for 4 days or 40 years, the first day you stop learning something new is the first day you become a dangerous trucker. … Trucks are cool – enjoy the experience!