Quick Answer: How Can I Track My RC Order In Delhi?

How do you collect RC?

How to get a Vehicle RC?Visit the nearest RTO office with your vehicle.Once you reach the RTO office, the vehicle will be inspected by the inspecting authority.Fill in the application form 20 for the RC.The authority will take the imprint of the chassis number.Submit all the essential documents as needed.More items…•.

How much time it takes to get RC book in Mumbai?

Just call up or visit any RTO and you get a standard answer that they will be dispatched after 15 days. One more thing, the RTO’s in Maharashtra have stopped issuing RC books or a smart card. They only hand over a print out with a stamp. and a copy of Aadhar card is mandatory.

How do I check my Vahan tax?

Yes, you can check the duration of your motor vehicle tax, referred to as “MV Tax up to” in the VAHAN website. Yes, you can check the duration of your motor vehicle tax, referred to as “MV Tax up to” in the VAHAN website.

Is soft copy of RC valid?

All the drivers can present their documents in soft copy format through DigiLocker or the mParivahan app. … These types of digital formats are also legally recognized to be equivalence with the original ones as per the Information Technology Act, 2000.

How can I check my RC order in Delhi?

Open the parivahan portal: http://parivahan.gov.in, Click on the menu option: Online Services. Under Vahan Tab, click on the option “Know your RC Status” In the next screen, feed the Vehicle Registration No. in the given Box. Registration Status will be shown immediately.

How long does it take to get RC in Delhi?

30 working daysQ: How much time does RC transfer procedure take? A. The Delhi RTO takes up to 30 working days to complete the ownership transfer process after all the required documents have been submitted.

How can I track my RC book delivery in Thane?

For RC Statius Check: Type VAHAN To get the limited status information related to any vehicle on the web: Open the parivahan portal: http://parivahan.gov.in , Click on the menu option: Online Services.

What happens if RC book is not delivered?

Contact the post office near to your area. They can tell if they have received your RC or returned to RTO for non availability. From local post office its returned to Head post office. It the local post office just returned it yesterday or day before, there are high chances you get it there.

Is Virtual RC valid?

NEW DELHI: Documents such as driving licence or registration certificate in electronic formats will be treated at par with original documents if stored on DigiLocker or mParivahan apps, the government said on Friday. … “With this revision of rules, it is now not necessary for people to carry the relevant paper documents.

How can I get a copy of my RC book online?

How to get a duplicate RC Online?After lodging an FIR, fill out an application form online at Parivahan Sewa website. … Pay the required service fee online.The generated receipt will be required to be submitted along with the necessary documents at the RTO.

How can I track my RC order?

Ideally, your RC is delivered at your doorstep within 7 days. But if you want to check your RC status, then visit this link parivahan.gov.in/rcdl status and enter your registration number and the status will be displayed on the screen.

What is Fullform of RC?

The Full form of RC is Registration Certificate. Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC), also known as Registration certificate (RC) is an official document for the vehicle. A Registration Certificate copy is a document providing proof of registration with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities.