Quick Answer: What Are The National Guard Recruiting And Retention NCO Duties?

How much do Army National Guard recruiters make?

The typical Army National Guard Recruiter salary is $73,171.

Recruiter salaries at Army National Guard can range from $48,813 – $109,520..

How much does national guard make a month?

National Average As of Dec 3, 2020, the average monthly pay for a National Guard in the United States is $4,040 a month.

What branch has the highest retention rate?

Coast GuardThe Coast Guard touts some of the highest retention rates in the military. The rate usually clocks in the mid to upper 90 percent range.

Does the National Guard go to war?

The National Guard consists of the Army National Guard and the Air Force Air National Guard. While federally funded, the National Guard is organized and controlled by state. However, in times of war, the National Guard can become federalized and deployed.

Is the National Guard worth it?

The Guard is very good at augmenting regular army units. If you are placed on Active Duty, whether state or federal, you are legally required to go. If you do not go, you are considered AWOL and they will send military police units to find you and figure what is going on.

Which military branch has the lowest retention rate?

Marine CorpsFirst, the services’ average recruit characteristics and attrition patterns are compared. The Army has the highest overall attrition rate, and the Marine Corps has the lowest.

What is retention in the Army?

The term retention refers to the rate at which military personnel voluntarily choose to stay in the military after their obligated term of service has ended (as determined by their enlistment contract). Imbalances in the retention rate can cause problems within the military personnel system.

What army regulation covers retention?

This regulation prescribes criteria for the Army Retention Program and sets forth policies, command responsibilities for: immediate reenlistment or extension of enlistment of Soldiers currently serving in the Active Army; and enlistment and/or transfer and assignment of Soldiers processing from the Regular Army (RA) to …

Does National Guard get Bah for drill?

Members of the National Guard and United States Military Reserves do not receive a housing allowance when performing weekend drill duty.

What does a retention NCO do?

(1) Serves as advisor on matters relating to the Army Retention Program, under the operational supervision of the Active Army career counselor and coordinate RC information with the RC career counselor. (2) Maintains and provides monthly, quarterly, and fiscal year statistics for the commander.

Does the National Guard have enlistment bonuses?

Enlisted Affiliation Bonus: Former and currently serving Active Duty Soldiers who meet qualifying eligibility criteria and agree to affiliate with the Army National Guard in a specified job skill for a three or six year term of service may be eligible for a bonus up to $20,000.

Is the National Guard dangerous?

Deployments may expose you to dangerous conditions and hostile fire, and you will be away from your family and civilian job for months at a time. Although you are paid for the time you are deployed, you must be willing to spend time in dangerous conditions, away from your family if you enlist in the National Guard.

What do National Guard soldiers do?

What is the National Guard? The National Guard is a unique element of the U.S. military that serves both community and country. The Guard responds to domestic emergencies, overseas combat missions, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction missions and more.

Does National Guard get paid monthly?

Your pay in the National Guard depends on your rank and time in the military. … An E-1 with more than four months of service who’s called up to active duty makes a base pay of $1,638 a month. As an E-2, you’ll make $61 per drill and a base pay of $1,836 a month if you’re called up to active duty.

Is the military struggling to recruit?

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens and the country turns increasingly to the military for help, America’s armed services are struggling to get new recruits as families and communities hunker down. … He said the military is watching this day-to-day and knows that it could take “a very long time” to rebuild the force.