Quick Answer: Which Is Valid Variable Name?

What is variable name?

A Variable name is used to refer to a variable (column of the data matrix) for all commands dealing with data in SPSS.

Variable names must be unique in a Dataset.

Variable names are up to 64 characters long and can only contain letters, digits and nonpunctuation characters (except that a period (.) is allowed..

Which is the invalid variable name?

The following are examples of valid variable names: age, gender, x25, age_of_hh_head. The following are examples of invalid variable names: age_ (ends with an underscore); 0st (starts with a digit);

Who is known as the father of C language?

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76trombones is illegal because it does not begin with a letter. more$ is illegal because it contains an illegal character, the dollar sign. Python keywords (Keywords define the language’s syntax rules and structure, and they cannot be used as variable names. )

What are valid variable names in C?

Rules for naming a variableA variable name can only have letters (both uppercase and lowercase letters), digits and underscore.The first letter of a variable should be either a letter or an underscore.There is no rule on how long a variable name (identifier) can be.

Which is not valid C variable name?

Which of the following is not a valid C variable name? Explanation: Since only underscore and no other special character is allowed in a variable name, it results in an error.

Is float a valid variable name?

float variables can be declared using the float keyword. A float is only one machine word in size. Therefore, it is used when less precision than a double provides is required.

What are C variables?

C variable is a named location in a memory where a program can manipulate the data. This location is used to hold the value of the variable. The value of the C variable may get change in the program. C variable might be belonging to any of the data type like int, float, char etc.

What are valid variable names in Java?

All variable names must begin with a letter of the alphabet, an underscore, or ( _ ), or a dollar sign ($). The convention is to always use a letter of the alphabet. The dollar sign and the underscore are discouraged. After the first initial letter, variable names may also contain letters and the digits 0 to 9.